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It is one of the most discussed about topic. Hunger and availabilty of food plays a great role in human beings life. It is said that in places like kenya, Somaliya, there is huge density of food, which is making people cannibals. Cannibals are people who feed on other human beings. It should be seen that he levels of hunger made people mad and crazy. They have strooped to the levels where there are paying for money for the human embryo’s.It should be noted that people are killing and eating foetus in name of hunger. But; on the other side you will find that people in places like china, America and India are wasting so much food in their day to day life.

Why is that we find there is a huge differntiation in the limits of food availavle? The simple answer to is the farming requirements and war. These two factors can make even the hugest and mighty country to their downfall. For this, you can take the world wars countries as examples. People who started with power ended up having nothing but the people who were mild bout their positions later came to good positions. It should be noted that you are solely responsible for your choices. Today those poor countries like Kenya, Syria are facing wars on various reason and different basis. Next, it might your own country which might be facing the end of the word. It might look alright and righteous to look from the perspective of handle side of the sword but when you are on the killing end, you will understand the indifference, inequality and all the unwanted disturbances.

On the other side, you will find there are religious disputes going on in the world. It is funny to see, people fighting to eat the things, that is considered given to us by god and put on is menu. But why did god create other animals which we are not allowed to eat or kill? Where they made to eat human and help us control the alarming increases in population density snd several other environmental issue. There are food made up of pork, beef and other animals which is considered unedible by certain religions.

But the pork dishes like Crispy Pork Floss in Singapore are famous too in other places like Europe, China, and Malaysia. There people belonging to Hindu religion are consider pork as inedible piece of meat and cow is a very sacred animal for tem, therefore, they are not allowed to eat it. Whereas Muslims or the Islamic people are allowed to eat, beefs that is the meat obtained from cows but they are banned from eating pork. In Christianity, some kinds of animals are specified not to be eaten and they are not allowed to eat them. And people are angry that if someone does something against their religious beliefs but they are not thinking about the other problems in world.