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While planning your wedding can be an amazing experience, it can also be rather stressful when you find out the prices of everything involved with weddings. It is very unfortunate that weddings have become very commercialized and many shops will triple and quad triple the price of regular items when you tell them that you are buying it for your wedding. In other words, a hairstyle at a salon can cost a certain amount of money on a regular day but will cost five times that amount if you tell them that it is your wedding. If you and your groom to be are on a tight budget, wedding planning can place quite a lot of stress on your however, if you read up a little about budget weddings and ways to save money, you will find that you can have a perfectly beautiful wedding without having to break the bank if you simple follow a few simple rules.

Never mention that it is your wedding

One of the first rules to saving money on your wedding party is to try to not mention that it is your wedding to suppliers when you are purchasing and confirming things. You can tell your buffet catering suppliers that you are having a party and get your quotation for the party without mentioning that it is a wedding party and you will find that you will get a quotation that is much less than the price you would have gotten if you had mentioned it was your wedding. You might even want to test this theory out by calling under a false name and requesting a quote for a wedding party.

It is not just the buffet catering that will be able to give you a better rate if you try this. When you are getting your hair and makeup done for your wedding, choose to go to the salon yourself without having someone come to your hotel or home. This way, you can have your hair and makeup done at the salon without mentioning that it is your wedding. You will be surprised to find that you can save up to ninety percent on hair and makeup if you do not mention that it is your wedding day.

The perfect dress

Every bride wants to wear the perfect dress for her wedding day. However, the perfect dress does not necessarily have to be a “wedding dress” – One of the best ways to save money is to shop for your wedding dress in the evening dress section of the store in order to save a lot of money and you will still be able to choose a beautiful white dress but you will be able to pay a fraction of the cost as it is not classified as a “wedding dress”