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We always look forward to our matrimonial day with dreams and hopes. While we are on the planning stage most of these tend to go down the drain when we see the price tags that come up with them. But having greens on your matrimonial day is one of the easiest ways to cut back on expenses and yet make the place seem gorgeous without much hassle. Here are some tips and tricks to help you with the décor.
Door trims and wooden areas
You can decorate the door to the church and outdoor wedding venue with sage greens and wild flowers to make up for any extravagant décor. It gives off a warm and earthy feeling for anyone who goes through the doors.
Stone walls and decorating outdoor wedding venue
The best way to decorate a place that has the old age infrastructure like stone is to add greens. Stones do not do well with plastic decorations and trying to stick things on tone is a pain. So make use of candles, greens like olive branches and herbs to make the room smell inviting and look glamorous without much effort. These are especially amazing looking for an Italian themed celebration.

Decorating the altar and the staircases
Those who watched ‘Downton Abbey’ would have noticed the great decorations that the staircase had during their celebrations. These can be replicated even in your ones without a problem. But as fresh flowers are too expensive and tend to lose their vigor, going for plastic flowers is the easier option. You can even skip the flowers and go for an all green staircase for the wedding (especially if the staircase is solid wood). Add some candles to the decorations to bring a mystical ambience.
Adding a green curtain
For those who have gone to Caribbean style celebrations, the green curtain is something they might have encountered. You can add fairy lights to vines and then string these up as a curtain to the place of celebration. It adds a beautiful and magical feeling to the night time or evening party with just this addition to the decorations. And you can even add some fresh flowers into the curtain to add a bit of color to pop up.
Usually the decorations are added to the chairs and benches in the place where you will do your vows. But you can add a bit of candles, baby’s breath flowers, and some good smelling herbs like mint or rosemary to make the place seem calming and also relaxing. It adds to the ambience of the place and creates a good mood immediately.