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For many of us dining out is a really nice experience but for some of us, it can bring past happy memories again. The latter happens if you are now sick and are unable to eat out when the rest is enjoying the cool meals at restaurants. For anyone who is looking for health tips of how to stay healthy when they are eating out, look no further because we came up with all the tips you need. Even if you are sick, it doesn’t mean you are life-long deprived of these delicacies. All you need is some good control and knowledge of what to eat. Look below for the tips!

Is it a clean place?

First of all, the appearance of the restaurant doesn’t matter when it comes to checking whether the place is healthy. Especially those small eateries in the corner of the street and the food stalls you see when you go on sightseeing should be paid attention. If the place is all hygienic and the food is prepared in best healthy meals standards, then you can peacefully pull a chair and order your food.

How do you want it?

This is why dining out sometimes can be tricky. They don’t have the way you want. Unlike preparing your meals at home, you don’t get whatever you want and the way you prepare them. But it doesn’t end there. You can always ask it your way. If you don’t like French fries then you can ask for vegetable frits. If you don’t like grilled fish then ask for baked fish. Likewise, check whether they can cooperate with you. The best restaurant in Singapore has these different ways of cooking and preparing meals for every customer need.

Ask how it was prepared

Waiters should know how it was prepared. If they don’t know then surely there is another person who is ready to explain how it was made. There are so many terms that you can misunderstand. For an example “cholesterol free” is not the same with “fat free”. So, once you know how it was made then, you can decide whether or not to order it. The other benefit is to recognize whether there are any allergic ingredients are included.

Vegetable salads as a first step

Before you order anything else, try to fill yourself with a nutritious salad. According to researches, people who ate salads at first likely consume fewer calories afterwards throughout the dining period. But we are not talking about the bacon, noodle and other creamy salads. Vegetable salads are the best way to start your main course. You can also add some fruits and nuts for a change as well. Watch out for the different sauces and other dressings these salads have/ you can always order a Caesar salad and tell them to add only veggies.