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It is no secret that the way your hair looks affects your entire appearance. After a good haircut, the compliments you receive are great. And the compliments are surprisingly not limited to the way your hair looks, but your face as well. This is because your hair frames your face, and is a feature of your body that can easily be picked on if not maintained properly. In order to make sure that you have great and healthy hair, there are a few basic tips that should be followed.

Identify the Texture of Your Hair

Though stated multiple times in beauty magazines, blogs and videos many people still do not pay attention to the texture of their hair. Knowing the texture of your hair, be it straight, curly, wavy, dry, oily or normal is crucial to the way you would maintain your hair. After you are able to correctly identify which category of texture your hair falls into it would be easier for you to purchase the correct hair care products.

Wash Your Hair the Correct Way

When washing your hair, most of us tend to use hair products on every inch of our hair. In order to make sure that your hair doesn’t become excessively oily and yet remains a healthy shine, it is essential that you wash your hair properly. Using keratin shampoo and conditioner boosts the volume and health of your hair, but make sure that you avoid applying these products to the roots of your hair which are being constantly nourished with natural oils. Instead focus on the ends of your hair.

Invest in Hair Masks

Hair masks are not just for those with dry and damaged hair but also for those with normal to oily hair. Regardless of the texture of your hair, you should apply a mask on your hair as a moisturizer every week. There are different types of masks that can be used. keratin shampoo and conditioner can be applied on hair and then wrapped with a warm towel for a few minutes. If you rather use natural ingredients as a hair mask it is recommended that you use avocado or mayonnaise (both of which have high amounts of fatty acids) for an extra dose of moisture for your hair

Go for Regular Haircuts

Regular haircuts might seem a hassle to those leading a busy lifestyle, but it is essential if you want to take care of your hair. Going for a haircut every six months might sound ridiculous but it will assist the way your hair is growing out. Regular haircuts will also rid you of dry and damaged ends, boosting the appearance of your hair.