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While everyone has their own sense of style, there are some fashions that are more popular than others. You may have noticed this when you have gone to friends, family members, and other individuals’ homes. While each person has their own unique flair, there is certainly something that is quite similar among many homes.
The most widespread styles include minimalist design in Singapore, industrial interiors, and bohemian décor. These tend to be more favoured than others as they are aesthetically pleasing and also can be modified in a number of ways. This means that you can add a personal touch to each of these styles. Here is how you can incorporate them:

Be Minimalistic
If you believe that less is more with style then minimalist design is certainly for you. This fashion is all about using neutrals along with a few key features to create a contrast. With this style, the majority of the décor is sleek and simple. Then you can have a single piece that is a pop of colour, has a unique feature, or is otherwise different. This is the statement piece that will stand out in comparison. If you are all about clean lines and plenty of space then this is definitely something that you should consider.
An Industrial Revolution
This is style that is particularly popular in apartments. It is essentially a throwback to the industrial days. The main features here are all about exposed steel and brick walls along with distressed wood. There is a more modern version of industrial designs as well as more rustic one. You can opt for cleaner lines that lend a more contemporary look. You can also go for something that is a little more rugged or vintage. This will result in a more antique feel. The modernistic style tends to be lighter with the antique being better suited to darker colours.
Let Your Spirit Free
The Boho style is all about free flowing pieces and an overall shabby chic look to your home. While people typically choose to go with shades of red and purple, you can select anything that is bright and vibrant. There are a few ways that you can emphasize the bohemian look. One of them is by choosing exotic cultural statements such as Moroccan. For something that is a little more ethereal, you can opt for feathers or tribal inspired prints. A prominent theme, however, is something that is naturalistic.
These are just the guidelines to these particular styles. You can choose to modify them and make them your own. Add a little bit of you to these structured themes.