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This is not quite an area which we see, hear or even think in our day to day lives since not everyone has the luxury and opportunity to establish an organization. However, when it comes to the process of establishing and registering an organization, one of the most important and key tasks that needs to be carried out is the appointment of an organizational secretary that has the ability and willingness to manage the organization. Hence there are a certain set of requirements, procedures and other formalities are involved in the appointment of an organizational secretary. However, these aspects needs to be well understood and applied in the case of an organization establishment. Hence the importance and a bit of knowledge on this matter can be given in the following manner.
Process of Appointing an Organizational Secretary
There is quite a complicated process when it comes to the appointment of an entity’s secretary although it can simply be explained as follows. Firstly a letter needs to be requested from the particular individual who is deemed for the appointment. Thereafter a few requirements need to be fulfilled such as the appointment needs to be done on a person who is resident of the country which the organization is established. Similarly all these requirements and formalities are fulfilled by allowing the entire process to company secretarial services which takes care of all the requirements and necessary procedures. This is the general procedure which is currently being done in today’s context.

Qualifications of an Organizational Secretary
There are a number of qualifications which an organizational secretary needs to have as well. They can be identified in the following manner. The particular individual should have an experience of at least 3 years to five years as a company secretary in order to suit for this position. Apart from that there are a few legal requirements which needs to be fulfilled as well such as profession act requirement, act of public accountants institute, institute of charted secretaries etc. Likewise all these requirement will be fulfilled by engaging in or rather gaining company secretarial services.
Responsibilities of an Organizational Secretary
On the other hand, there are a number of responsibilities which needs to be fulfilled by an organizational secretary which can be identified in the following manner. One of the most important obligation a secretary would have is to work towards protecting and fulfilling the interest of the business. Good management practices, business code of ethics, regular attendance and all other general rules that are applied to the employees of the organization does apply to them.
Hence it is evident that the appointment of an organizational secretary is one of the most important duties and responsibilities of an organization.