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Some parents are unconvinced about the benefits received through the involvement of children in extracurricular activities. Most high schools and public schools and other educational institutions have introduced a variety of activities that are conducted before and after school and sometimes during the weekends. Involving in an additional activity is a change to the monotonous life style of a child and therefore will help in developing language skills such as people skills, working skills and many more.

It is true that there is a point where you got to draw the line and limit the excessive involvement in such activities. But there are many benefits that can be obtained through extracurricular work and let’s have a more elaborative look on them.

Time management and prioritizing

When a child or a teen has many things to balance and is pushed to multi-task, naturally he/she will be trained to manage time effectively and set priorities. He/she will understand that commitments should be made and not everything they desire can be achieved all the time. Children will learn to work on time and learn to make the best out of the time available for them.

Diverse interests

Children will be able to have diversity in their interests rather than focusing all their attention on studies. This will help them to explore the various interests they have on things and ultimately discover certain hidden talents in them. For example, getting involved in children Chinese lessons or any other language class or getting involved in drama and theatre or dancing will draw a child towards arts and literature and help him/her in improving language and communication skills.

Commitment and contribution

Especially involving in sports will require a lot of commitment and devotion as selecting to any sports team will not be easy without committed practice and training. Through this a child will learn how important it is to commit to whatever they do. Also this will give the child a sense of belongingness and importance and he/she will feel like his contribution to the team makes a difference. This will help to improve the self image and the self esteem of a child.

Long term benefits

Involving in extracurricular activities will give your college application or CV a really good look. Sports, arts, literature activities such as knowing an additional language at least through the participation in the perfect children Chinese lessons, spelling bees or scrabble will do a difference than an application that only includes academic achievements.


Your child will get to meet a lot of people apart from his/her very few class mates. The child will learn how to act appropriately and behave in various situations and be sociable. This will greatly help the child in his/her future relationships when facing the real society and work life.