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Children are naturally very curious about anything and everything; which can be pretty annoying to deal with at times. When you try to restrict them, they will go back and do the same thing all over again. They are to be forgiven because they hardly have any idea as to what they are doing. As parents and adults, it is our responsibility to keep an eye out for them and protect them at all time. We must teach them how to keep out of danger and not to meddle with the valuables in the house. That is also a part of the learning process. So use kind words and take the proper measures or alternatives to keep them away from dangerous stuff and destroying valuables.

Four Walls

Kids prefer drawing over writing because it provides them with the opportunity of easily expressing themselves. The number of drawing books that you’d provide them with will not amount to anything, because they’d much rather use the biggest canvas that is in sight. Unfortunately for you, it is the wall. It’s quite a hassle when children get to o comfortable with drawing on the walls because you will have too colour wash them very frequently. You could easily install a white board where they could draw and go to town with it; maybe they’ll give the wall a break. If else, you could simply speak to them and show them why they shouldn’t do so.

Electronic devices

As much as these devices make your life easy, they are relatively costly. So you must use them with care and precision because if there are damages the repairs will also cost much money. Children are especially attracted to things with big screens and vibrant coloured pictures. Mobile phones, Computer screens and televisions will draw their eyes in no time. The results would be them damaging the devices or getting hurt incase if a TV or a laptop falls on them. To save your mobile phone screen from being damaged it is best to have a tempered glass screen protector in place just to be sure.

Toxic substances

Anything that is unhealthy for a child could fall into the toxic category. Children’s immune system is not as developed as an adult. It is in the process of progression and any alien substance can do serious harm to the body of a child. That is why you need to be doubly careful when you leave chemicals and other substances within the reach of little kids. Even medicine could be fatal if entered into the body of a child and higher dosages could even result in death.