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Whether you are searching through Google from your house, or if you are in a new country and trying to see if you can fit it, finding a job is a priority to anyone. Moving abroad is considered a luxury (and it is) but you have to be able to support yourself and not become a financial burden on someone else. But the tough thing in the world of foreign employment is that there is a vicious cycle. In most countries you need to get a job to get work visa, but you cannot find employment easily unless you have a local address and a phone number. This has become an increasingly cumbersome issue due to most young graduates wanting to go abroad for work but never getting past the interview stage at most.

Decide on your occupation

If you have plans to move abroad then you can go through the on-demand occupations lists on immigration website of the country. Almost all the country sites have a section dedicated for those who are looking to work in that country. So you can go through these and see what exactly your occupation would be. In most cases you will find something related but not exactly the same as it is different from one country to another. So your work experience and the degree need to align and give you the name of your new job first. Make sure to have your English skills brushed up as you can always go for freelance work like working for home tuition in Singapore.

Make a profile that shows off

Networking is the main activity that can land you a job and also a promotion, regardless of which country you are working in. make a LinkedIn profile, add all your qualifications and start following pages/ profiles of people who are related to your field. Showcase your interest in papers and publications and talk to people in your prospective company and make your name heard. LinkedIn will also show you prospective jobs that will fit in with your education and experience and you can apply for these sites through LinkedIn.

There are even recruit companies who work for larger corporations and hire for them. Connect with anyone and everyone and be strategic about it. When you are looking for a specific place to go to (country or city), search for global conglomerates that have branches in your dream city as well instead of just local companies. You can always mention that you would like to be stationed at the particular place of interest. Your network will come helpful when you need to do a part time second job like becoming a tutor for English that provide quality education.

Make accounts for job search engines and have subscriptions on them to see which jobs related to your field comes up. Do not get disheartened and keep sending your CV hundreds and thousands of times.