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There are a number of PVC goods which we use on a daily basis at our homes as well as at our business place. They are most of the times chosen as they are a better substitute for their glass, metal or timber counterparts. Among the PVC goods we use on a daily basis a cosmetic counter is something which is used much by a lot of shops which sell cosmetics.

Like any of the other acrylic products these PVC cosmetic counters have a way of being better than their glass counterpart. Many of the shops actually choose this PVC cosmetic counter due to some very good reasons.


You might think that a glass cosmetic counter may last longer than a PVC one. However, it has been proven again and again that the PVC cosmetic counter can last longer than a glass one. One of the reasons happens to be the unbreakable nature of the PVC counter which we do not see in a glass cosmetic counter. It is built strong enough to be able to offer you the chance to keep the cosmetic on it without breaking down only after a small time of use.

Not Having Too Much of Weight

One of the problems we have to most of the time face with any kind of glass, metal or timber goods is that they are actually too heavy to be moved about with ease. However, even though they are made to last longer with great strength every PVC good from acrylic stands to cosmetic counters are not that heavy. This allows you to easily move them to where you want to during your work. You cannot be spending a lot of time dragging the cosmetic counter from one place to another when you have much more important work to do.

Protecting the Goods Inside From All Forms of Wear and Tear

The best of the PVC cosmetic counters are made to withstand any kind of wear and tear with time, UV rays, etc. They also do not start to discolour with time like glass ones do.

Not Being Damage Prone

One of the biggest weaknesses of the glass cosmetic counter happens to be it being damage prone. Drop it once and it will be destroyed. There are times when some customers or some employees are going to makes these items fall due to their negligence. With a PVC cosmetic counter you do not have to fear about it being destroyed.

Due to these reasons the PVC cosmetic counter has become a more practical choice.