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We would all love to travel around the world and what more could be amazing than getting the chance to chillax at an amazing resort? Sounds like a dream? Not to worry. We are going to give you an all-inclusive money saving resort travel tips for all you dreamers out there.

  • Unless you are travelling with something like a tioman package with which includes tips, I suggest you Google the appropriate rates to be tipped and do so. You may feel like it is not a must, but tipping is done basically anywhere you go and it is needed nowadays. It won’t cost you a lot, so do some homework and get to know about it.
  • Some resorts in Tioman may not accept all currencies, so make sure to go to an ATM and withdraw the amount you need beforehand, this may also help you avoid any sort of extra ATM charge. Also, make sure to check if the resort has an ATM or a money exchange place to help you out. Keep in mind that these charges may cost you a bit, so as for money saving make sure to have it al settled in your country.
  • Many have separate Wi-Fi to the room and to the lobby, and there is a high chance of iit dropping whenever you left your room. Now of course, many phone have the auto connect feature once the password has been set once in the phone but some hones don’t, so make sure to take a snap of the password and id before you go anywhere.
  • Some places have free give a ways and activities conducted b the resort, some comes during the season and some are just a tradition passed throughout the years in the resort. So make sure to search about everything on the resort that you are staying for more great opportunities.
  • Make sure to pack your own mini medicine bag with you having asprins, immodium, for stomach aches, advil and etc. the last thing you ever want is to get sick in a foreign place and having charged way over the normal rates. And of course, it is worse if the instruction on the medicine you took from the local pharmacy turns out to be in the local language.
  • Some have a dress code when entering to their premises but of course you may change afterwards, and some places expects men to wear formal. So make sure to check out whether the resort you plan on going has one. Even if that is not the case, make sure to pack at least one semi-formal outfit with you.

Well, that’s about it, hope these tips give you out some good information.