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There are an infinite number of cosmetic products available in the world today that advertise about glowing skin, anti aging miracles, rejuvenation and spotless beauty. Walking down the “health and beauty” aisle in any departmental store or super market is definitely breathtaking. But are all these items available for sale over the counter are healthy for your skin and good for your overall body health? There are many over priced products promising undeliverable results and certain products speak high of anti aging but are seemed to be ineffective in many ways. One thing that you need to keep in mind before making a purchase is that the highest priced product is not always the best one. Different products work differently on various skin types.


The first thing to remember when choosing a cosmetic product is to see if it matches your skin type. There are different types of skin types ranging from dry, sensitive, oily, sensitive etc. Identifying the type and the texture of your skin is very much important as the product you choose interacts with your skin and its effects will depend on your skin type. The best face serum Singapore or the best moisturizer on your skin could be a result of trial and error. But when you do find a product that suits you, be consistent with the usage. Use regularly to see its benefits. Usually over the counter products do take a time of between 8 to 10 weeks and you need to give them that time to work the magic before you give up on it.

Being cautious about products that use unusually heavy advertising and those that claim to offer ‘miracle’ benefits or claim to be the ‘best face serum’ or the ’best remedy for aging’ is important. Most of these products that claim to give instant results and spontaneous glow in the skin are most of the time “too good to be true”. Watch out for such products and don’t fall for the high price. Always look for reputed brands and clinically proven products and mostly herbal products would be a good choice although results could take some time.


Don’t ever purchase a beauty product without looking up its ingredients or doing a little research. Read the label well and search thoroughly if you don’t know much about the product. For example Botox is only effective when injected to the body; therefore, products that claim to contain Botox are false as it has no effect on bare skin. If you have any doubts regarding a product or need more advice don’t hesitate to consult a dermatologist. Don’t forget to pick products that contain sunscreens. Part of being fair is to prevent your skin from sunburns.