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If you are looking for some expert help for all your tax related issues, then you are at the right place. A reputed legal firm strives hard in providing various services to their clients. Most of the advocates working with reputed firms have an extensive experience with corporate laws, taxation laws as well as IPR. Most of their clients are from private companies as well as large corporations.
A professional corporate law firm does understand that the needs of clients are different from each other and they strive to provide efficient as well as affordable services which are well tailored to meet the needs of the clients. They also offer quick services for various registrations as well.
A corporate law firm is known to provide a number of services to their clients. Let us have a look at the services in detail.

Income Tax services:
The Income tax services include:
• Advise on Income tax planning for corporate and major firms.• They handle the IT returns of directors.• They are also into advising as well as providing the needed assistance to employees on IT planning.• They also help in filling annual Income tax returns.
VAT registration services: The expert team helps their clients with a number of registrations, like Dealer registrations, DVAT returns, VAT audit and many more.
Service tax: Many companies which find the process of service tax a bit complicated can hire the services of tax advocate as they are always available to extend their services to all firms; be it a small one or a major giant in the market.
Company formation services: The experts help new firms to establish themselves with all confidence. They help from drafting of the application to the submission of the same for the formation of the companies. They also handle various other kinds of registrations.
The tax advocates also provide various other services like:
• Corporate Law services• Tax services• Services in accounting to firms as well as individuals• Registration of Trademark and logo• IPR• IEC licence and so on.
If you are looking for a reliable and an expert team who can help protect your investments and also maximize the returns, then tax advocates are the best choice.
All one needs to be careful about is to hire a reputed team of advocates as they come with the needed skill and experience to handle almost any kind of a legal issue. Be it a divorce case or a criminal case, many of these legal firms also have lawyers who are expert in that specific field. So, make sure you choose the most reliable and experienced lawyer for your legal issues.