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When your parents’ birthdays come up or when their anniversary is at the end of the week, last-minute plans have to be made. But if you are enthusiastic about it or actually remember your parents’ birthdays, then you can plan ahead and give them an absolute blast that they will love for sure. You can do things like treasure hunts and other activities that would require time and well planning ahead. And if you do not have something prepared for a bash, then all you have to do is a good job of planning a party in their honour at the last minute. Click this link http://sensesco.com/services/event-management/ for more information about party organiser Singapore.

Keep the secret a secret
When planning a surprise party, there is always some sort of hint that ends up giving it away to the guest of honour. So in the case of an anniversary party or a birthday party that is a surprise, make sure to keep those who know it in the loop of it being a secret in the first place. Cutting down the number of people who know about the whole occasion actually helps a lot. So having a few accomplices to order everything from cake to rental of AV equipment and the other things that need to be accounted for, helps. So when you are sending invitations, either mention that it is a surprise party and that snitches will be punished, or simply send them the last moment. If it is friends and family who are coming, then just letting them know through a phone call or a message should be good enough.
Make sure your plan is fool proof
There will be no point in getting rental of AV equipment if you end up not using it, and it will turn out to be a waste of money and effort. Likewise, your planning should be fool proof and incorporate every element that your parents love into the party. Have everything finalised at least two weeks beforehand. If you plan on having the party somewhere other than your house, then you need to have everything from the number of guests to food supplies finalised at least three weeks before the date. For parties with a theme, when you are making your checklists and briefing your friends, make sure that the theme is given the focus that it needs.
Get your decorations, cakes, guests, and the costumes ready for the anniversary. And if you plan on getting the family together, make sure that the time for them to arrive is earlier than your parents. Your accomplices should help you get the parents out of the house for a few hours.